Our process


Tournaments are packed into one Saturday. 2 Divisions, 3 teams each. Each division plays a round robin tournament, with the top two from each division playing a division championship game, followed by a tournament championship game. Your teams wins and runs are plugged into our proprietary algorithm that ranks you against the other teams. Rank high enough and you'll automatically qualify for the Tournament of Champions in November (you can also purchase entry into the TOC, but paying us more money won't help your rank or seeding).


Some Rosters outlines can be found on our rules page. But to reiterate here, rosters are to be compiled of 8 starters (7 fielders and 1 pitcher). There's no technical minimum or maximum of players on a team, you can play by yourself if you think you're that good. If you are to play with more than 8 players, they will be benched (we don't recommend this, but do what you want). Substitutions can be found on our rules page


The TOC is currently scheduled for November 21, 2021 for 4 teams competing in a one day tournament. This is subject to the addition of teams and days, this would be done to incorporate more teams. THE ONE REQUIREMENT IS PARTICIPATION IN AT LEAST ONE TOURNAMENT. This is partially for seeding and for fairness to other teams who competed all year, so some random team compiled of college baseball players, for example, don't come in and ruin everyone's experience. Teams that have played in a tournament can either clinch through finishing high enough in our rankings OR purchasing a team ticket when sign ups become available.


A player on a winning team wins cash. With a $25 player ticket, winning a tournament gives you $46.25 or 185% of your ticket (that number changes if our ticket prices change). Winners of our Player of the Tournament and Pitcher of the Tournament win tickets to a San Diego Gulls game or a San Diego Padres game. TOC prizes are yet to be determined, but please expect them to be bigger and better.